Dog Grooming Rates & Prices

Professional Dog Grooming in Augusta GALonghairs and shorthairs, big dogs or small, D’Tails Grooming can handle all the grooming needs for your furry friends.

Our expert groomers have years of experience with shaping, styling, snipping, spiffing and shaving a wide range of canines, keeping them looking sharp and fresh. Regular grooming helps prevent issues with matted or dirty coats, and helps your pet stay looking, smelling, and feeling good.

Whether your dog is in need of a complete grooming overhaul, or just a bath, brush out, and nail trim, our full-service options are perfect for you. Pricing options vary based on the size of the dog and the amount of time involved in the services requested. Take a look below for more information on pricing.

For more information on our grooming services, email us at or call 706-731-0089.

Full Grooming

A full grooming on most small dogs runs $62, and all other prices are a spinoff from there. If your dog requires extra time, it will cost a little more.

Small Sized Dogs $62
Medium Sized Dogs $70
Large Sized Dogs $100
Giant Sized Breeds $120


Small – Medium
Medium – Large $100-115
X-Large $120 & up

*All grooming prices are based on a normal upkeep basis. If your pet’s demeanor or coat is difficult to work with, the price will reflect that.

Bath & Touch up

This is just right for in between haircuts, when you just need the head, feet and a sanitary area trimmed.

Small longhair $40-45
Medium to Large dogs $45-55
Standard Poodles $60-75
Giant Breeds $75 & up


Bath – Brushout – Nails Trimmed – Ears Cleaned

Small short haired dogs $25
Small long haired dogs $30
Medium sized dogs $35-45
Large sized dogs $40-70
Giant sized breeds $55-90

*Add $15-20 for sanitary and feet trimmed

What category is my pet?

The following are examples to help better estimate the costs of grooming for your pet.

Small shorthair:
chihuahua, daschund, jack russell, min pin etc.

Small longhair:
shihtzu, lhasa, poodle, bichon, westie, maltese etc.

Medium dogs:
beagle, cocker, springer etc.

Large dogs:
labs, golden, doberman etc.

Giant breeds:
great preneese, mastiff, great dane etc.