Grooming Tips for Cats

Grooming Tips for Cats

We all know how independent our cats are. They usually enjoy being independent and coming around when they enjoy our attention, but when it comes to grooming them, it can get a little tricky. For the most part, cats do their own grooming.

However, you should be helping out as well. Grooming your cat will prevent matted fur and prevent hairballs. If you start the process of grooming your cat when they are young, they will bond to you.

Grooming Tips for Cats

Kitten’s mothers start grooming them the day they are born, so when you start early you create a strong bond.

This is also beneficial because it gives you a time to check up on your cat and look for any bumps of issues with their coat, skin etc.

The best time to groom your cat is when they are comfortable and relaxed. Be confident and soothing while grooming them.

Brushing Your Cat is the Most Common Grooming Task

If your cat has long hair, it may need to be brushed every day to prevent matting. Brushing will also reduce the hair all over your home. Check your cat’s fur for lumps, fleas, etc.

When brushing, brush from their face to their tail. Your cat will not like it if you go the wrong direction.

Check your cat’s ears for any sign of discharge, dirt or ear mites.

Don’t do everything at once. Your cat will get agitated so don’t force them down for an hour. Break it into small amounts of time.

Bathing your cat isn’t exactly the most fun activity when it comes to grooming your cat.

Luckily for everyone involved it doesn’t have to happen often, most of the time your cat will bath themselves.

When you bath your cat, use warm water and avoid their face. If you blow dry them after, use the lowest heat option. If you don’t think that need a full bath, give them a sponge bath.

When it’s all over give them a reward, whether it’s a treat or play time. This will make it easier in the future for both you and your cat.

Grooming your cat is the key to keeping them happy and healthy.

If you find that you would like help with the grooming process, seek out a professional groomer or a veterinarian.

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