The Importance Of Professional Dog Grooming Before A Dog Show

The Importance Of Professional Dog Grooming Before A Dog Show

Grooming your dog is an important factor in maintaining their health. It will remove dirt and distribute skins oil, which will make their coat shinier and fuller. When you’re showing your dog, grooming should be a top priority for you. It’s one of the most important areas of the competition, so if you are new to the competing, or you would prefer to have a professional handle the grooming, making your choice of an expert groomer is crucial.

The Importance Of Professional Dog Grooming Before A Dog Show

Professional Dog Grooming

They know the secrets and what it will take to get your dog looking its best. And as an added bonus, of course, the judges won’t hate working with well groomed, clean dogs. Know your breed and what the breed etiquette is for the show; know what the judges will be looking for.

Knowing Everything About Your Dog Breed

Certain breeds will require different grooming techniques and sometimes it can be hard to adhere to the standards. For breeds that have long coats, your groomer will keep them trimmed and looking neat- it’s important that their hair does not interfere with their walking in the circle.

How Your Dog Will be Groomed

While it may seem like a good idea to wash them the morning of the show, it’s better to wash them a day or so before to keep the hair full and shiny. Along with a bath, your groomer will remove the dead hair inside the ears, and clean out the wax build up. Doggy toothbrushes and special bones won’t remove all of the tartar buildup, so let your groomer attend to your dog’s teeth before the show. The judges will check and the small things do add up, taking care of the basics are crucial.

At D’Tails Grooming, we offer several grooming services to best meet your dog’s needs, from a full blow out to a basic bath, brush out and toenails. Our experts have years of experience with all of the grooming techniques that you’ll need to keep your show dog looking clean and professional.

If you would like more information about our grooming services, please contact us, email or call 706-731-0089.

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