Activities You Should Do with Your Dog

Are you running out of activities to do with your dog? Nonsense! There are plenty of activities that you may not know about that are great for you and your dog to take part in. By thinking outside of the box and doing new things, your dog will be able to stay curious and excited each day.

Hiking with your dog for exercise staying active

We, at D Tails Grooming, want your dog to be healthy and active every day. You will be rewarded yourself by trying new things with your pet. Here are some new activities and ideas to try out:

Exploration and Hiking – exercise is very important to your dog’s health. Exploring new places makes it easier for you to enjoy staying active and exercising with your dog. Hiking plays a big role in adventure and exploration. While keeping your pet busy with their nosey tendencies, you’ll be able to take in the scenery on a long hike while getting in some much-needed exercise.

Dog Park and Doggy Playdates – taking your dog to a dog park is better than taking them to a regular park. They’ll be excited to meet other dog’s and their owners. It will be a great activity to enjoy with your dog because you’ll get to know other people as well. A dog playdate at D Tails Grooming can be great too. This is where your dog can get a break from being around you. They have the opportunity to make friends with other dogs and get their energy out with furry friends!

Dog Friendly Bars and Restaurants – I’m sure your dog gets jealous when you go out at night for a drink or a bite to eat with your friends. They just don’t want to be left out. A good idea would be to search some dog friendly bars and restaurants, get your other friends with dogs, and enjoy a night out with them.

D Tails Grooming

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