Should I Let My Dog Sleep in My Bed?

Allowing dog to share bed

Many dog owners ask themselves this question over and over when they get a dog. At first, it seems alright because it is enjoyable to have your dog next to you in bed, but it isn’t always the healthiest thing to allow your dog to do. There are many consequences to allowing your dog to sleep in the same bed as you.

The most important thing you can do if you allow it is to make sure you’re taking your dog to the dog groomer on a regular basis. You’ll avoid any problems that can arise when sharing the bed with them.

Allowing dog to share bed

Negative Health Impact

The worst part about allowing your dog or pet sleep in the same bed is the possibility of health issues. These aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can be problems. Dogs and cats can carry fleas, parasites, ticks, and other insects that can cause health issues. Although, you should be getting your dog checked for these things on the regular, it’s still a potential threat when they sleep in the same bed.

Allergies can be heightened more if you allow your dog to claim your bed as their own. If you don’t want this to happen, maybe try and not let them make your bed their bed.

Some Say it Can Be a Bad Habit

Sometimes, allowing your dog to sleep in the bed with you can cause behavioral issues. When you allow this to happen, your dog can become too attached or even obtain separation anxiety if you leave for work during the day. You never want this to happen because it could impact your dog in a negative way.

What is the Solution for the Issue?

If you have no problem with allowing your dog to stay in the bed with you, then you won’t have to worry, but it is important to be aware of potential problems with this. The most important thing to do is to go to a dog groomer on a regular basis, and make sure they’re healthy and clean.

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