Nutrition Tips for Dogs

Puppy eating from bowl

Having a healthy and happy dog is essential to their life. Just like humans, dogs need a good nutritious diet for them to live a long life without major health problems. If you’re starting out with your dog, we want you to get off on the right foot with feeding and nutrition.

Puppy eating from bowlWater

This is an easy one. We all know water is essential for life, and dogs definitely need it. Always have a bowl of water out for them, and make sure you’re refilling it when needed. Dogs will know when they need a drink, so they’ll manage going to the bowl when they are thirsty. Water is essential for their body mass and dissolving and transporting nutrients to the cells.

Protein & Fat

Protein is needed for nutrition for a dog. It helps to supply amino acids, which help with their energy. The body needs constant supply for the diet. Eggs are a great source of protein for a dog. Lean-muscle meats, fish and eggs, and beans are good sources.

Fat is great for a dog, but not too much. Low-mercury fish and fish oil and plant-based oils are perfect sources for fat. This helps promote a healthy nervous system.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins are critical for life. You can get these from organ and muscle meats and plant-based foods that are good for dogs. Organ meats provide copper and iron, and shellfish has zinc. These minerals help to support life and functions in the body. Puppies require more than adult dogs.


Carbs aren’t essential for a dog’s diet because they get nutrients from protein and fat. Healthy carbs do help supply vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so make sure to research dog-friendly vegetables and fruits that have healthy carbs.

D Tails Grooming

Here at D Tails Grooming, we offer quality pet boarding and playdates for your dogs. Our professional grooming service can give you the relief and confidence in your dog’s health and hygiene. Nutrition is essential for your dog’s life. If you have any questions on your dog’s diet and health, contact D Tails Grooming at 706-731-0089.


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