Here’s How You Know Your Dog Needs Grooming

Grooming for Dogs

Grooming for DogsIf you are a dog owner, you know there are many things you need to do to keep your dog happy and healthy. One of the most important ones is having your dog groomed. Grooming your dog will prevent him or her from smelling unpleasant. It will also prevent fleas, ticks, and other pests from setting up shop in his or her fur. Let’s take a look at some signs that will let you know it’s time to have your dog groomed.

Your dog’s fur is making it visibly uncomfortable.

Does your dog spend a lot of time itching itself, or is your dog having trouble seeing because its fur is covering its eyes? These are some telltale signs that it’s time to take your dog to the groomer. You should also consider visiting the groomer if your dog has long fur and it’s hot outside. By grooming your dog, you will keep it comfortable and prevent it from overheating.

Your dog’s fur is dirty and doesn’t have its usual shine.

Take a look at your dog’s fur. Does it look healthy to you? Typically, you will be able to tell if your dog needs to be groomed simply by looking at it. If your dog is visibly dirty or if its fur has gotten matted, those are signs that grooming needs to be done. Your dog’s coat should shine and should look healthy at all times. If it doesn’t, it means that you need to take a trip to the groomer.

Your dog’s nails are too long and are dragging on the ground.

Some dogs will trim their nails naturally by walking around on sidewalks and roads regularly. Nevertheless, if your dog spends most of its time running around on the grass, its nails will grow and eventually it will become painful for the dog to walk when the nails get too long. When you have your dog groomed, a groomer will take the time to inspect its nails and cut them if necessary.

Does your dog need to be groomed? D’Tails Grooming can provide you and your dog with all of the grooming services you need. Call us at 706-731-0089 today to schedule an appointment with a groomer.


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