How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

Brushing Dog's Coat

Brushing Dog's CoatKeeping your dog’s coat healthy is important. How can you help keep your dog’s coat healthy?

Brush Often

Dogs love the attention you give them when you brush them. So brush them often. Treat your dog well, grooming-wise. Make sure their ears get cleaned out regularly, and their nails get clipped so they don’t get too long. If those are things you don’t want to do, have D’Tails Grooming do them for you.

Maintenance Checks

Take time to notice your dog’s coat and how it seems to be doing every few days. Healthy coats are typically soft and smooth. Unhealthy coats are greasy and smell funky. If you notice dry/brittle hair on your dog, or it has loose hair in the coat, complete with bald spots, then your dog needs grooming attention.

Brushing Schedules

Did you know that brushing is the key to good grooming? Long-haired breeds need to be brushed at least twice a week. For dogs who often shed, brush them once a week. And what about short-haired breeds? Even they can benefit from brushing, which helps remove loose hair on occasion. What kind of brushes are needed for dog’s coats/hair? One with widely spaced teeth works well for the outer layer, and one with finer spaced teeth (like a comb) works well around the dog’s face.

Be Weary of Foul Odors

If your dog starts to smell bad, that’s usually from a build-up of bacteria and oil on a dog’s coat. This can be mitigated by giving the dog a bath. Granted, dogs don’t always want a bath, but in some cases, it’s a great remedy for coat problems. Dogs can be bathed as often as desired, provided quality dog shampoos are used.  Their skin has no sweat glands, and the ph is different than ours, so specialty shampoos are essential for frequent baths.

Nutrition Matters

Finally, keep in mind that what kind of nutrition your dog gets will affect their coat. If you provide your dog with the highest quality food, expect a high quality coat. Look for foods rich in essential fatty acids. You can always ask your vet or groomer for recommendations.

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