How to Teach Your Dog Good Behavior as a Puppy

Sometimes it’s difficult to train your dog. Teaching them good behavior when they’re a young puppy will set them up for good behavior in the future. They won’t act out if you teach them the proper way to behave early on.

doh stealing from bad behaviorBehaviors to Look Out For

It’s important to keep an eye on certain body language your puppy may be giving off right away when you bring them home. This will help you in the good behavior training process.

Here is what you should be keeping an eye on early on:

  • Barking and Whining – this happens often with puppies, but it’s important to take note when and why they’re doing it so often. Never reward whining because if you go and comfort them, they’ll see that as a reward for their behavior. Barking is trickier because you want to make sure they’re barking at potential intruders not every single squirrel.
  • Begging at the Table – feeding your puppy scraps from the table is the same thing as a decision to give up on training from the get-go. When it’s dinner time, your puppy might start begging at your chair for the table scraps. It’s important to give them their dinner bowl and ignore them. This will tech them to not beg for food. Never give in to this begging.
  • Stealing and Chewing – many puppies like to steal your shoes and other items. They also enjoy chewing on household items. Sometimes they do this to get attention and play games with you. When they do this, it’s important to not reward them in the process of getting the item back. Otherwise, this will give them more of an incentive to steal. A simple trick is to show them there is a reward like human food, and when they drop the item they stole, put the reward away.

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