Why Choose D Tails Grooming for Your Dog

Here at D Tails Grooming, we have so much to offer for you and your dog. Whether you’re busy working and need a doggy daycare, a playdate, grooming services, or tips for your dog, we can provide you with all of these things.

Here’s what we offer:

happy dog running and playingGrooming

We offer grooming services to all longhaired dogs, shorthaired, big, and small dogs. We have the experience and expertise to groom your dog for any type of shape, styling, snipping, spiffing, and shaving.

We can do a complete grooming session for your dog including bathing, brushing, nail trimming! We can also just do one of these tasks if needed. Check out our dog grooming details!

Pet Boarding & Playdates

We offer full boarding and playdates for your pets. It’s extremely important for your dog to interact with other dogs for them to grow and be comfortable. Your dog wants to be able to make friends and play with other dogs, so it’s vital for their health and well-being to do so. We encourage these playdates on a regular basis. Check out our blog post about the importance of doggy playdates.

If you’re planning on vacationing and cannot bring your pet with you, we can board your dog for you. We have a cage-free environment with hands-on attention and affection from our staff. We provide them with the right amount of exercise, socialization, and interaction they deserve throughout each day. You won’t have to worry about them not getting the attention and activities they need. Enjoy your getaway while you can!

D Tails Grooming

Here at D Tails Grooming, we offer quality pet boarding and playdates for your dogs. Our professional grooming service can give you the relief and confidence in your dog’s health and hygiene. Nutrition is essential for your dog’s life. Contact D Tails Grooming at 706-731-0089.


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