How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Sometimes dog owners worry way too much about putting their pet dog into a boarding kennel, but the truth is, for most dogs, it’s a great time! Think about it– time at a kennel is prime socialization time for dogs. They get to meet and greet all sorts of other dogs and play with them. So, in a way, it’s a fun vacation for them. Oftentimes, owners worry themselves sick about leaving their dog in a boarding kennel, but they don’t need to do that. Kennels can be such positive experiences for dogs. They’re around other dogs who’ve been vaccinated and temperament tested, and they’re under constant human supervision.

How should you prepare your dog for their time at a boarding kennel?


If possible, bring them there a couple times for quick visits for the purpose of familiarization. For instance, if the kennel offers doggy daycare, utilize that so your dog gets used to being away from home, there at that particular kennel.

Home Away From Home

Next, for boarding, bring some of your dog’s favorite things with your dog so they’ll have “a little bit of home” with them– things like a favorite blanket, toy or chew toy.


The day you take your dog to the kennel, spend a couple hours beforehand making sure he or she moves around a lot, getting exercise– and that way, your dog will be tired upon arrival at the kennel, rather than nervous and jittery. Also, don’t make the mistake of overfeeding your dog before you leave him or her in the care of others.

Have the Right Demeanor

Also, while dropping your dog off at the kennel, stay positive. Your dog can read your emotions. Therefore, you have to look and be strong and positive, rather than in tears and “a mess.” Rather than linger there, make the drop-off quick.

Those are just a few general tips. At the end of the day, you know your beloved dog best, so do whatever you can to prepare him or her for a mini-vacation.

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