Tips For Grooming At Home To Help In Between Groomer Visits

Sometimes it feels like the trips to your groomer just aren’t enough. Unfortunately, your dog’s hair just never stops growing and while a professional groomer is able to keep it under control, it can be challenging, as well as costly if you are going to the groomer frequently. If your groomer is making a shocked face when you walk through the door of your appointment, it might be a good idea to start doing some of your own grooming to keep your dog’s appearance under control between grooming appointments.

Tips For Grooming At Home To Help In Between Groomer Visits

Brushing your dog regularly will remove loose hair, dead skin and distributes the oils from their skin throughout their hair.

Daily brushing is crucial for dogs with long or curly hair as their coats will be more tangled and matted.

Focus on the ears, armpits and the back of their legs. If your pet has short hair, you don’t need to brush daily but it will help with hair and dander. For long coats, use a wide tooth comb and a de-matting brushing to keep your dog fluffy and without tangles. For short coats use a rubber brush to keep their coat smooth. Along with brushing, bathing is important. They should have a bath every six to eight weeks, so depending on how often they are going to the groomer, you may have to do it. Of course if they get into anything and get dirty, they may require more baths.

Use an appropriate dog shampoo; human shampoo can be too harsh for your dog’s skin. Double rinse to ensure all the shampoo is removed. You can let your dog air dry in a warm area or you can blow dry their hair using the lowest heat setting. We understand that it’s hard to find time to groom your pet, especially those who are high maintenance. At D’Tails Grooming, we can handle all grooming needs, for dogs of any size and breed. We can help you keep your pet smelling and looking good.

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