Here’s Why Your Dog’s Nails Need to Be Clipped

Dog's Nails If you were naive, you might acquire a dog as a pet and never pay any attention to their overall health needs. Can you imagine there are some dog owners who never take their dog to a vet or groomer? Horrifying as that is to consider, thankfully the vast majority of dog owners take their pet’s health and wellness very seriously. That’s why smart dog owners know their pet’s nails need to be clipped.

While all dogs have different rates of nail growth, and some exercise more than others, thus wearing down their nails on their own, one thing’s for sure: dog owners need to keep track of their pet’s nails over time, and when they get “too long,” they need to clip them or hire someone professional to do the deed.

Signs Your Dog’s Nails Need Clipping

How do you know if your dog’s nails are “too long” and need a trim? If they jump on you and their nails scratch you, it’s time. Or if you notice scratches on your flooring? It’s time. Are there cuts in your furniture? They could be from long nails.

Long nails can be painful to dogs. They can exacerbate the chance your dog will injure him or herself. With long nails, it’s harder to walk/run correctly. Long nails mess up a dog’s gait. Furthermore, if nails aren’t kept trim, they can “curl under” and become painful to walk on. Imagine if your own toenails grew so long they curled under your foot and you had to walk on them– not “pleasant,” right? A dog’s legs and feet can become sore. Long nails can catch on things and can break/rip off. Yikes, right?

If you choose to trim your dog’s nails, you have to make sure you don’t cut “below the quick,” or otherwise there will be blood and harm done.

If your dog could use a trim and you don’t want to take chances doing it yourself, call D’Tails Grooming in Augusta, Georgia, at 706-731-0089 to make an appointment today.

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