How Dogs Can Benefit From Daycare

Dogs at Daycare How do dogs benefit from daycare? Well, man’s best friend is a lot like man. He or she benefits from having others around. After all, people and pets get lonely when they’re all alone. Dogs thrive on interaction with other living creatures, whether it’s fellow canines and/or helpful humans.

One of the main reasons people utilize doggy daycare places is because they don’t want to leave their dog home alone, unattended, for days at a time. Sure, they could ask a friend or neighbor to “look in on” their pet, but that’s not the same. What’s five minutes a day compared to hours of attention, right?

The Issues of Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

It has been said that dogs left alone too long will act out in ways that include disobedience, excessive barking, and showing physical signs of stress. Basically, they crave, need and want interaction and socialization.

Daycare for dogs gives animals a chance to be around other animals and humans in a structured and clean environment. A daycare is a safe place for them, where they’ll be looked after, tended to, fed, exercised, and cared about. What more could an owner ask for who has to leave his or her beloved pet behind for a couple days while going away for work, into the hospital, or on vacation?

Social by nature, dogs enjoy playtime with other dogs. They also like to exercise– more so than humans, probably! At a daycare like D’Tails Grooming, dogs participate in activities that stimulate their senses and keep them active. Daycare attendants do their best to give dogs time indoors and outdoors (for fresh air) and proper rest time.

Dog Training

Some people like sending their dog to daycare if and when it involves some dog training lessons. That way, the dog receives instruction from a teacher who knows what he or she is doing in order to get the desired outcome, such as “sit,” “roll over,” or “shake.” Some daycares teach dogs tricks for fun.

Best of all, having your dog stay at a daycare should give you much needed peace of mind. This way, you know someone’s watching over your pet when you’re not able to.

D’Tails of Augusta, GA, offers a full array of boarding (and playdate options) for your pets. To make arrangements for a stay please email or call 706-731-0089.

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