Factors That Affect How Often You Should Bathe Your Dog

Bathing Your DogDo you bathe your dog too often? Keep in mind that dogs naturally groom themselves. They don’t need you to give them a monthly (or weekly) bath. In fact, too many baths in a short period of time can strip away natural oils in your pet’s coat. Skin irritation is likely to occur. Hair follicles can become damaged. There’s a risk for bacterial or fungal infections.

Baths for dogs can get quite messy. They take time. And dogs don’t always want a bath, right? So how often should you bathe your dog?

Factors That Affect How Often You Bathe Your Dog

It depends. Think of it this way: what’s the reason for the bath? If you’ve got a healthy dog who is always indoors, then a few baths a year makes sense. If you have a dog who rolls around in dirt and mud outdoors, often, then he or she will need more bathes more often. Here’s a good tip: if your dog comes into the room and you can “smell” him or her, it’s time for a bath!

Factors that help determine how often to wash a dog include their breed, coat, health and activity level. Bathing dogs is best done by a professional. A salon groomer knows about handling dog coats– their varying textures and lengths. Some dogs need a good soaking and moisturizing with lots of brushing and combing, while others don’t. Then there are decisions to be made about shampoos and conditioners. And what about where the bath takes place? For some people, it’s inconvenient to do so “at home.” A dog grooming facility has the needed space, equipment and tools to get the job done well.

By the way, when bathing dogs, it’s smartest to use lukewarm water. Oftentimes people who wash their dog at home make the mistake of using water that’s either too hot or too cold, which can turn their pets off from bathing… for years. Also, using a handheld shower head or faucet nozzle in a tub/sink is a good idea– but let the spray of water hit your hand first as you move the nozzle across the dog’s body. This is better than just having the spray hit the dog’s fur directly– comfortable touch is better than pounding water.

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