Paw Maintenance for Your Dog

Whether they are running, playing, or climbing up to take a seat next to you, our pets are on their feet quite a bit.

It’s important that we do what we can to make sure their paws don’t become a source of irritation for them.

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Paws

Trim Nails and Fur

A dog’s hair and nails can grow pretty quickly. When this happens, their nails can snag on things like the carpet and their hair can get matted or snarled.

All of these things can cause discomfort, so make sure you keep the nails short enough to where they only touch the ground and get them a haircut regularly.

Keep Them Clean

Even though we might not see it, there is stuff all over the ground, many of which can cause pain or discomfort in a dog’s paws. That’s why, using mild pet-friendly soap, you should clean your dog’s paws and loosen up anything that might already be in there.

Watch Their Steps

The ground your dog walks on may look okay, but it could end up hurting their paws. So be sure to keep an eye on where they are walking. Also, be sure to keep them off the hot asphalt and sharp gravel because we all know those surfaces are not comfortable to walk on.

Take A Look

This may seem obvious, but be sure to take a look at your pet’s paws from time to time. Sometimes there are cracks or splits on them that can lead to infection if untreated. Regular inspection of them can help prevent that.

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