Store Meds Away from Your Dog

It’s important to always keep your medication out of reach from your pets. Over the counter and prescription meds can be very dangerous for your pets if they get a hold of them. When using medication, make sure you always keep it up high in the bathroom cupboard, and put them away right after use. This will eliminate the chance of your dog snooping around and getting a hold of the dangerous meds.

Dog makes mess in kitchenCommon Household Meds that Can be Deadly

Ibuprofen – this is the most common medication ingested by pets. This can cause stomach ulcers and kidney failure in pets if swallowed. The more they eat, the worse it can get. For this common household medication, make sure you keep it out of reach.

Adderall – Adderall is not quite common, but it’s still in many households when prescribed by the doctor for ADHD in children. This is important to monitor when your child is taking the medication, so they don’t accidentally leave it out on the counter for your dog to snag. It can cause elevated heart rate and body temperature, hyperactivity, tremors and seizures.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) – this is a very common pain killer that is kept it most households. This is worse for cats than dogs, but dogs also can be affected by this medication if eaten. This medication can cause liver damage and damage to your pet’s red blood cells.

There are plenty of medications to keep out of reach from your pets. It’s important to be aware of where the over the counter and prescription medications are located, so that accidents like this don’t happen.

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