Treat Your Dog This Holiday Season

Everyone loves to enjoy some treats around the holidays. From cut out cookies to decadent pies and cakes, it’s hard to not to indulge.

However, just because we can enjoy treats, doesn’t mean our four-legged friends shouldn’t be able to.

Here are some holiday treats for the special pooch in your life.

Festive Dog Treats

Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Crunchy Dog Treats

These delicious treats come in the shape of, you guessed it, snowflakes. They are made from a combination of pumpkin granola and yogurt and will make the perfect snack for any dog.

Cloud Star Holiday Pumpkin Soft Baked Dog Treat

This soft treat and its pumpkin flavor make it irresistible to dogs. Its softness also makes it a very quick treat the dog can enjoy immediately instead of chewing at it for hours like other ones.

The treat is also made with no dairy, corn, soy or white potatoes so dogs with food sensitivities can even enjoy it.

Holiday Dual Munchie Sticks

These red and green sticks wrapped in beef rawhide will help keep your dogs occupied for hours on Christmas. Not only that, but they will help encourage positive chewing behavior for your four-legged friend, which means they won’t chew up any new presents!

Holiday Rawhide Candy Cane

Much like the previously mentioned treat, these will occupy your for quite some time. Instead of just plain color sticks, however, they look just a like a candy cane humans could enjoy.

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