Why Playdates With Your Dog Are Important

Just as with little children, socialization of dogs through playdates is important.

Play is the best form of learning for both the young generation and dogs.

Play with other dogs works to get your dog accustomed to new friends who have a different personality and for reducing the protective barrier most dogs exhibit when confronted by another dog.

Dogs require companionship and they can certainly get that from playing with other dogs.

You want to approach this interaction, especially if it’s new, carefully.

Forcing the friendship between your dog and another can lead to unnecessary tension.

Why Playdates With Your Dog Are Important

Bringing along or hosting your own playdate should be a treat for your dog and in turn they’ll learn the following:

  • Get along with strangers (other dog owners)
  • Meet new dogs without feeling scared, apprehensive, or defensive
  • How to play appropriately with other dogs
  • Accept being in a new environment
  • Build confidence

Before going on that first playdate, be sure your dog is up to date with his vaccinations and overall health.

Choose a neutral location with room for the dogs to run, exercise, and play.

If you sense your dog is getting uncomfortable, be prepared to end the play date.

You never want to force the interaction, which can lead to tension between the dogs.

For the first few interactions with other dogs, keep the location simple.

Places like dog parks are wonderful, but too many dogs in one area can frighten your dog or possibly cause them to be aggressive from sensory overload.

Remember, socialization is a great way for your dog to be engaged in the interaction with other dogs, but tread carefully and plan appropriately.

D’Tails offers a full array of playdate options for your pets. Our open range policy provides our four-legged friends with a welcoming environment to socialize with other fur babies.

Contact D’Tails Grooming today to set up a playdate at our facility.

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