Dog Grooming Myths to Ignore

Dog Grooming Myths What are some common dog grooming myths?

Waiting to Wash

For starters, many people believe you don’t wash a dog until it’s completely filthy, as in rolling around in the mud dirty… Well, that’s not true. It’s good to wash your dog on a fairly consistent basis, just like you’d take a shower or bath for yourself. In the old days, people were worried that the shampoo would dry a dog out and/or mess with their health if they had too many baths. Today? If you’ve got the right shampoo that’s suited to your dog’s needs, you could conceivably give him or her a bath daily and all would be well.

Allergy Free Dogs and Shedding

Some people think if they acquire a poodle or other single-coat breed that they’d be “allergy free.” While poodles and such might not shed as much as other dogs, they still can bother a person’s allergies. Also, there was an idea going around that if your dog ate lamb and rice in their diet, they wouldn’t have allergies themselves. Well, guess what? This “miracle cure” didn’t really work.

“Normal” Stinky Breath

There’s a myth that a dog’s breath is normal even if it stinks. Not true! Stinky breath could signal trouble– have a vet check them for gum infections, cavities and/or oral cancer.

Shaving for All

Do all dogs need shaving? Yes and no. Some breeds benefit from it; other’s? Not so much. When a dog gets shaved, their natural coat of protection gets removed. So, if they’re going to be outside in the cold and/or under the hot sun, be sure and protect them from the weather. They might need clothes for the cold and/or sunscreen for the sun.

De-flea Solutions

Did someone suggest using garlic and/or brewer’s yeast to de-flea your pet dog? Stick with proven topical/oral solutions instead please.

Bacteria in Saliva

Finally, is it no big deal to have a dog slobber all over you with their saliva? Some people think nothing of it, but be warned: dog saliva can have bacteria in it that could cause you to get an infection. Yikes!

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