Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog Home Alone Overnight

Leaving Dogs Overnight If there’s one thing that dog owners know, it’s that their dog misses them when they’re gone, away from the house. And dog owners typically miss their pet dogs, too. They’ll leave parties and social gatherings early just to get home to their dog, right?

How long is too long for a dog to be left home alone?

Generally, dogs tend to spend a good part of their day alone because their owners are away at school or work during “working hours.” So it’s not unusual for a dog to be alone for 8 to 12 hours daily. But what about leaving a dog alone overnight? That’s not a good idea. A dog needs human contact. A dog needs to be let outside to do his or her business. A dog needs someone to tend to their food and water dishes. And a dog craves company, especially overnight when it’s dark outside. Imagine it’s a stormy night, with thunder and lightning– but there’s no human to run to… Like a little kid, a dog can get scared when left alone, especially during dark and stormy nights.

If and when a dog is left alone for too long, he or she is more likely going to exhibit certain behaviors, like destructive chewing, barking and/or over-excitement. It can be emotionally stressful to not get enough human interaction! Can dogs get lonely? Absolutely.

Reasons to Leave Your Dog in Professional Care

For those who have to leave home for long periods of time– more than a day or two, for example– it’s important to have someone checking on the dog daily. Better yet, consider having the dog kept company via professional care at a place like D’Tails Grooming. Rather than leave a dog cooped up in a small crate, take it to a place where it can be around other dogs, other people, played with, cared for, and fed properly.

D’Tails Grooming offers various boarding options at our facility in Augusta, Georgia. In a cage-free environment, each pet receives hands-on attention and affection, along with exercise, socialization, and interaction all day. Then, at night, the dog sleeps in their comfy “suite.” Boarding can be done for single nights or for extended periods. Please call 706-731-0089 or email for more information.

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