How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Bathing Your Dog Most Americans are used to bathing or showering daily. But what about dogs? Obviously they don’t take daily showers… so how often should you bathe your dog?

If you’re the type of person who loves to give your pet dog a bath, then once a week is plenty. When you give a dog a bath, it allows you to notice any changes in their coat or skin health. You can look for missing hair, changes in hair texture, as well as any parasites/bugs/skin masses. When hair is wet and lying down on the dog, you’ll be able to see things you otherwise might not notice everyday. So bathing a dog is a good idea for health purposes and your peace-of-mind.

Do you use topical flea products on your dog? If so, then once a week full shampoo baths work well. Keep in mind that a dog’s oils on the skin are important (just like with humans) and when you shampoo them, their essential oils can be stripped away. Look for shampoos which say on the label that they won’t strip away oils. Vets are often good advice givers when it comes to which products to use– flea products, oral parasite control products, shampoos, etc.

If and when your dog gets dirty for whatever reason and becomes a stinky dog, then you’ll want to bathe him or her for odor control. Furthermore, if your dog is going to be around people in a public place, such as a nursing home or school, it makes sense to bathe them beforehand so they’re “fresh and clean” while interacting with strangers.

Most people not only shampoo their dogs but also use a follow-up conditioner for their hair coat.

Finally, while bathing a dog, it’s also a good time to check their teeth as well as wipe their eyes and ears. Anytime something seems abnormal is a good time to consult a vet to check to make sure your dog is okay.

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