The Advantages of Cage Free Boarding

Imagine for a moment that you were locked up in a small cage for hours at a time. How would you feel? Claustrophobic? Anxious? Stressed? Depressed? Neither healthy people nor dogs like being locked up in cages. Both humans and animals desire the freedom to be free from restraint.

For those times when you have to travel away from home and you don’t have anyone in your life who can come over to take care of the dog, thankfully there are places to take your pet where he or she can have a decent overnight/several day experience.

Have you heard of cage free boarding? Instead of locking dogs up in tiny cages, certain kennels/homes allow your pet to feel more “at home” even though they’re away from their home. Cage free situations mean a dog can roam around a room freely without feeling constrained or like they’re being punished. Furthermore, they can interact with fellow dogs so they don’t get lonely or bored. Dogs, by nature, are social creatures who like to explore their surroundings. Putting them in cages makes them nervous, anxious, and stressed. So, cage free boarding gives them the freedom they crave. It’s a very good thing for a pet’s emotional and physical state of well-being.

Cage Free BoardingD’Tails of Augusta, Georgia, offers cage free boarding. Dogs who stay with D’Tails have the option to choose their own bed for a nap as beds are scattered around the main room. Meanwhile, dogs get both indoor and outdoor play time at D’Tails, which means they’ll get both fresh air and exercise. Affection and interaction are two key aspects of a dog’s stay at D’Tails. At night, dogs stay in suites where they get great sleep! If you want to bring along your dog’s favorite bedding, blanket, toy or food, D’Tails is very accommodating about those things.

To make arrangements for a cage free stay for your dog, email D’Tails at or call 706-731-0089 today. D’Tails is also well known in the Augusta area as a place to bring dogs for all their grooming needs. Jana and Tracey, who help run D’Tails, have decades of experience grooming pet dogs and love what they do.

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